Getting Around UBC

Once you arrive at the UBC Vancouver campus, you have several options for how to get around — but be advised: driving isn’t one of them. It’s easy to walk or bike, and for longer distances there are convenient and accessible shuttle buses to get you where you need to go.

Get Around UBC

Walking at UBC

UBC is a very walkable campus — flat, scenic and pedestrian-friendly — with plenty of clear signage to help you find your way around. Look for the blue-and-white street signs to orient yourself. Refer to the map pylons around campus to plan your most efficient route.

Keep in mind that the campus is huge, so leave time to get around. For example, the scenic stroll along Main Mall through central campus will take the average walker about 15 minutes (1.2 kilometers) to travel each way.

Most attractions and amenities on campus are within a 15-minute walk of the bus exchange and of each other. The attractions on the far south end of campus, such as the UBC Botanical Garden, will take more time to walk to from central campus; consider catching the campus shuttle to get there and elsewhere on south campus.

Cycling at UBC

It’s easy to get around campus by bicycle, but remember to share the pavement with pedestrians. Look for bike-friendly parking in front of most buildings — and be sure to lock up!

No bike? No problem: download the HOPR app and take advantage of this bike share service on campus.

On-Campus Shuttle

Caught in the rain? Too tired to walk or bike? When you need to get from one end of campus to the other in comfort, count on the convenient, accessible Translink mini-bus to shuttle you between neighbourhoods and attractions. Look for the route 68 bus.

Learn more about the on-campus shuttle

UBC Accessibility Shuttle

If you have a temporary or permanent condition that limits your mobility, the Accessibility Shuttle can help you get around areas of campus that can only be reached on foot. The shuttle is a free, shared-ride service; you can book up to three trips a day. Each building in the service area is within 100 meters of a shuttle stop.

The shuttle is available on weekdays only, and you must book in advance. Call 604 822 9929.

Learn more about UBC’s Accessibility Shuttle

Additional information on accessible parking and entrances can be found here.


UBC’s Welcome Centre’s knowledgeable staff can answer your trip-related questions, provide maps and directions, offer helpful tips and free guided tours, and let you know what events are happening during your visit to UBC.

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