5 Places to See Cherry Blossoms at UBC in Vancouver

Illustration of the UBC Vancouver campus landmarks and cherry blossoms.

Spring is a beautiful time to stroll around the UBC Vancouver campus: there’s something in bloom almost everywhere you look.

If you’re a fan of cherry blossoms, it’s worth seeking out certain spots beloved by UBC students, faculty and staff alike. These are the places where pink prevails and you can revel in the joy of petals falling gently in the breeze.

The Vancouver campus boasts about 20 varieties of cherry blossoms, and April is prime time to see them. Here are five places worth checking out. Don’t forget to check garden hours in advance.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

Cherry blossoms at Nitobe Garden at UBC Vancouver

This traditional Japanese garden is one of the best places in the city to get a taste of Japanese culture in bloom. The garden can be seen as a bridge connecting cultures and was designed to create a sense of reverence for and harmony with nature.

Asian Centre

Cherry blossoms bloom at the Asian Library at UBC Vancouver

Located just outside Nitobe Memorial Garden, this is a quiet place to contemplate the blossoms in a Japanese atmosphere. Soft pink frames the Bell Tower, which is crafted from Canadian yellow cedar following an 800-year-old Japanese design. The Pacific Bell it houses is inscribed with five characters, which may be translated as “a clear mind leads to tranquil thoughts.”

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

A cherry blossom tree near the Chan Centre at UBC Vancouver

Head over to the area surrounding this performing arts venue, and you’ll find some of the prettiest trees on campus. UBC’s famed Rose Garden is a few steps away with a spectacular mountain and ocean view.

UBC’s Lower Mall

People walk under cherry blossoms along Lower Mall on UBC's Vancouver campus

Walk south from Nitobe Memorial Garden on Lower Mall, which passes by several UBC residences buildings. Lined with cherry trees, this street makes a beautiful stroll on a spring day.

UBC Botanical Garden

Cherry blossoms at the UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver

The diverse UBC Botanical Garden contains collections of plants from around the world, including a large collection of ornamental cherries. These include the Sato Zakura (village cherries) of historical Japan and selections of wild species and modern hybrids.

Want more? Douglas Justice, Associate Director of Horticulture and Collections at the UBC Botanical Garden, shares his favourite locations in Vancouver to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.

This article was updated on March 16, 2023, from its original publication on March 21, 2022.