Get a virtual taste of UBC attractions

A person watches a virtual tour of the UBC Botanical Garden on their tablet.

Looking for some intellectual stimulation or just something novel to expand your horizons? You can browse through some of UBC’s best museums, walk high above the Botanical Garden’s treetops or sit back and enjoy a musical performance without leaving home.

Of course, nothing beats visiting UBC’s attractions in person. Until then, here’s a virtual taste of what awaits you on the Vancouver campus.

Museum of Anthropology (MOA)

Experience the Museum of Anthropology through its #MOAFromHome collection, which includes a virtual tour of the Great Hall and videos of exhibitions. For interactive fun, pull out your art supplies and download the colouring cards that feature patterns from textiles in the MOA collection.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Explore the museum’s biodiversity exhibits online, or learn about diving fur seals, bees and origami butterflies (how to make them at home) on the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s YouTube Channel.

Greenheart TreeWalk at the UBC Botanical Garden

Get a 360° view of the forest canopy with the Greenheart TreeWalk’s virtual tour. While the in-person walk offers the thrill of being suspended 23 metres above the forest floor, the virtual experience is rather soothing. Take a moment to breathe in the lush rainforest, and listen to the birds chirping alongside you.

UBC Botanical Garden

Yellow flowers at the UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver

Perhaps you can identify a Rhododendron, but are you up on your Sorbus? Garden buffs can learn about all kinds of species by searching UBC Botanical Garden’s living collections online. For those who prefer to get their hands dirty, the Grow Green website offers personalized design ideas to transform your home greenspace.

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Do you know which instrument inspired the shape of Chan Shun Concert Hall? Take a virtual tour and admire the cello-like curves for yourself.

This performing arts venue has left countless audiences inspired. Listen to artist and expert talks on everything from the origins of flamenco to hip-hop storytelling. Or take a musical interlude and listen to UBC student compositions spanning styles from jazz to tango.

UBC School of Music

Even a short burst of orchestral energy can add joy to your day. Sample performances from the UBC School of Music on its YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery

A visitor looks at a modern art painting at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery at UBC Vancouver

Home to one of BC’s largest public art collection, this gallery aims to get you thinking. You could explore the extensive online collection by keyword, but it’s fun to hit the “Random Images” tab and see what comes up. Case in point: Vincent Trasov’s 1974 photograph titled “Mr. Peanut Mayoral Campaign: Mr. Peanut at All-Candidates Meeting“. Hmmm…that does get you thinking.

Pacific Museum of Earth

Dinosaur fossil at the Pacific Museum of Earth at UBC Vancouver

While you can’t touch the dinosaur bones at this earth science museum, you can virtually wander through the exhibits. Click on points of interest for video, audio or written commentary on things like the Lambeosaurus fossil named George.

Residential School History and Dialogue Centre

UBC’s Residential School History and Dialogue Centre is a space for people to gather, listen, learn and witness history, informed by residential school Survivors and their communities. You can also learn more through online resources that explore different perspectives, stories and dialogues, along with a timeline of significant events and dates.